My Story of New Zealand Visit

New Zealand. A country of extremes. Extremely high mountains, extremely blue rivers, extreme sports, but above all extreme beauty. Nature has created special scenes in beautiful New Zealand.


In 1642 the Dutchman Abel Tasman "accidentally" sailed against New Zealand. He was actually on his way to Australia but got slightly off course. However, Mr. Tasman thought the local residents were a bit too aggressive and saw no future in the recently discovered land. It wasn't until 100 years later that Captain Cook followed in his footsteps and put New Zealand on the map. 


Auckland is the largest city in the country and has an impressive skyline. You soon notice that there is a large Asian settlement because you see Asian restaurants everywhere. Nice for later because what we are looking forward to more is pie! Steak and cheese or chicken and mushroom. To me, pie and fish and chips typify New Zealand cuisine. There are nationwide competitions and the gold medal winners are absolutely delicious.


We chose to buy a camper ourselves in Auckland. If you plan to travel for at least 6 weeks, buying a used car is often cheaper than renting a camper. At the end of the ride, you always get something in return and you easily remove the costs of a rental car. Of course, you do take a small risk, because if something happens to the car, you will, unfortunately, have to pay for the costs yourself. Another good option is public transport. 


Everything is easily accessible by bus. You hardly see any trains here. For example, it is common here to buy a bus ticket for a certain number of hours. Definitely, a good option if you're traveling alone because you'll meet plenty of interesting people along the way. However, keep in mind that sleeping in hostels or hotels is a nice touch instead of (free) campsites. Domestic flights are quite affordable, but I personally wouldn't recommend them. New Zealand offers so much beautiful nature and the main part of this you will not find around too big cities but far beyond. The distances should not be underestimated, but you get so much beauty in return!


Self-travel to New Zealand

New Zealand may not be next door, but it is well worth the long flight. Here you will find peace, space, and overwhelming nature. The Kiwis will greet you kindly and the wines are sublime! Have you ever been to New Zealand? And what did you think of it?