Validity of the Sri Lanka Visa

The visa for Sri Lanka is valid if all the conditions are met and the travel takes place during the valid period. In principle, the tourist visa and business visa are intended for a short stay in Sri Lanka, for example for a vacation or business trip from a few days to a few weeks. If desired, it is usually also possible to stay longer, provided that a number of additional requirements are met.


Standard Validity Period

The standard validity period of the visa for Sri Lanka is 30 days. This applies to both business and tourist visas. This period starts to count from the moment the traveler reports at passport control after arrival in Sri Lanka. When applying for the visa, you will be asked for the expected arrival date. The traveler may arrive in Sri Lanka a maximum of 90 days earlier and a maximum of 90 days later than this date. If the actual arrival date differs by more than 90 days from the expected date of arrival entered in the application form, this may result in the visa losing its validity.


Extending the validity

If the traveler wishes to stay in Sri Lanka for longer than 30 days, an extension can be requested after arrival. The validity of the Sri Lanka visa can be extended to a maximum of 90 days. This can be arranged quite easily at the Immigration Services Center in Colombo.


Conditions for extending the Sri Lanka visa

In principle, all travelers who apply for an extension with good intentions are also granted it, for a total maximum stay of 90 days. Nevertheless, it can never be guaranteed in advance that an extension will be granted. In case of renewal, you will be asked for the address and telephone number of the accommodation, a completed renewal form (available at the Immigration Services Center in Colombo), the ticket of a return or transit flight, and a physical passport photo of the traveler.


Loss of Validity

Travelers who stay in Sri Lanka longer than the deadline stamped in their passport on arrival or after the renewal of the visa risk decisive action against future visas and renewals, as well as a fine, arrest, and/or deportation. This also applies to travelers who violate other conditions of the visa. The Immigration Service of Sri Lanka is also entitled to cancel the validity of travelers' visas at any time without giving any reason and/or to ban travelers on arrival. In practice, this happens in particular if the Immigration Service suspects that the traveler may endanger Sri Lanka's security and/or law enforcement. This applies to all travelers and all types of visas, regardless of how they were applied for.


To be Requested More Than 90 Days in Advance

The Department of Immigration & Emigration only processes applications from travelers who arrive in Sri Lanka within 90 days of applying for the visa. If the trip does not start until more than 90 days, the application will be put on hold. The application will then be processed exactly 90 days before arrival. Applicants do not have to take this into account, this is done fully automatically at all times. Travelers who book their ticket early can therefore immediately submit a visa application. They will then automatically and on time receive a valid visa.